Seminar Topics

In order to assist participants in their journey toward self-acceptance, greater self-awareness, forgiveness and most of all, spiritual renewal, the following topics are presented:

“I appreciate being able to connect with God in a group setting, knowing we all have similar beliefs."

Week 1: Getting your Bearings
Don’t repress your emotions, but also don’t let them take charge of your life.
Week 2: Finding Strength & Help
Loneliness is a powerful emotion that can drive you to despair, but emotions come and go, changing with the wind.
Week 3: Getting through your Anger
The feeling of anger may not be a sin, but what we do with it can be.
Week 4: Finding Perfect Peace
Depression can take many forms and can come at different times. The problem comes when we get stuck in it for long periods of time.
Week 5: Learning to Forgive
Sometimes we refuse to forgive, because we think that means the other will get off scot-free.
Week 6: Dealing with your Family
Ideally, sometime in the future you can be cordial to one another in the parenting of your children.

Week 7: Handling Money Wisely
The basics of moderate food, clothing, shelter, and health care come first. All else is not a need but a want.
Week 8: Finding Perfect Peace
We have every right to ask and fight for justice, but never to the point that it keeps us emotionally attached, angry, and bitter.
Week 9: Seeing God in Romance
Even if your heart has been damaged by divorce, it still remembers, at however deep a level, that call to come into God’s love.
Week 10: Relearning How to Date
If you can’t marry in the Church, then you can’t date.
Week 11: Loving Church Teachings
Do you want to be happy? Then strive to be holy.
Week 12: Finding Perfect Passion
Learn to let God direct your path.

“I liked knowing that I wasn’t the only one having these feelings and that we supported one another in our journeys of divorce.”